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Is Visual Studio 2010 really required?


I recently purchased a nifty board and am looking forward to playing with it. I downloaded the GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK and in the ‘readme’ is says that 2010 is required.

I use VS 2008 and don’t want to spend gobs of money to buy VS 2010 as I don’t need it for anything else.

Is it REALLY required?


Bad new is that vs2010 required.
Good new You can use express edition wich is free.


Do not spend any money, use Visual C# express which is free


Thank you. VS 2010 express is now installed and I’m about to try a ‘hello world’ app.

Just watch, I’ll like it so much, I’ll upgrade my professional installation.


And buy another FEZ :smiley:
I have been there is a risk of addiction :smiley:


I have a EMX and am trying to get something simple on the screen.

Where in the world is Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation? it’s not listed in the .Net References.


It is Microsoft.SPOT.Gaphics and Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore assemblies.


That did the trick! I have a nice ‘Hello world’ app done…now on to more fun things. :slight_smile: