Is Trans Flash compatible with EMX?

Hi Everybody,
I got an EMX with Micro Framework 4.1 and I can’ read from Tran Flash.
In the following I provide the details.
Could you please help?

  • SD Card: I can read data from an SD card (Sony 4GB)

  • Transh Flash: I have tried with different Trans Flash with adapter without success (SanDisk 64 MB and 1 GB)

SD Card and Trans Flash are Formatted FAT32 (from PC with Windows XP).

Using the following code, with Trans Fflash the board always says IsFormatted = 0:

 sdPS = new PersistentStorage("SD");
 foreach (VolumeInfo v in VolumeInfo.GetVolumes())
   if (v.Name.Equals("SD") && v.IsFormatted)
        SDready = true;

I wonder if either:

  • I shall treat Trans Flash differently
  • Trans Flash is not supported by MF
  • The Trans Flash cards I am using have something wrong

Could you please help?
Thanks much!

Yes it is supported Do you have a different transflash (Micro SD) card to try?

I modified your post to use “code” tags. Please use them in future

Oh thanks for your VERY quick response and I do apologize for I have not used the proper formatting.

At time being I have used all of the Trans Flash kind I had.
Maybe you could suggest a Trans Flash brand (or even more) you know is supported?

Any card should usually work. There is no specific limitation on our products. But we always recommend using a card from a good known source, like sandisk for example.

I see, thanks.
The 2 Trans Flash I have tried with are from SanDisk.
I wonder if there is anything wrong with them.

Are you using the development system or your own PCB?
Try a power supply.

Thanks for your suggestion: I am using a PCB. Power is provided trough USB connection.
Do you think the fact that SD is fine while Trans Flash is not might be related to a power supply issue?

Add a 10uF (or more) capacitor to the power pin on SD card and try again please.

Each card has different power consumption and different electrical characteristics.

Thanks for the suggestion!
Here i list the additional attempts we have done:

  • added a capacitor
  • added a pull up
  • unlimited external power supply a nominal 3.3V

Despite of that, still the isFormatted is FALSE.

Not sure how I can proceed…