Is there such a thing as a Gadgeteer Robot?

Back in the day, there was a FEZ Mini Robot which was pretty cool to play with. Is there some such thing these days - maybe something that plugs into a Gadgeteer board?

This is the closest thing that I can think of

Ok, that’s interesting. It seems like it balances on 2 wheels. The description talks about adding a WiFi hotspot, camera, etc… I am assuming it won’t balance anything once all this stuff is added? Is there perhaps a 4 wheel version of the same robot?

It actually has 3 wheels. Balancing is an option that you can add (by adding an accelerometer & gyro). There’s no reason you couldn’t also balance with the other components added.

Where does the 3rd wheel go? It’s not on any of the screenshots.

3rd wheel is a caster

That’s perfect. I thought that was an on/off button or something like that.

The product page doesn’t mention how much RAM is on board the Cerbot. Can someone point me to this information.

@ rgelb -

Last picture of screenshots shows some info about the ram etc.

Perfect. 192 Kb. And of that, what is actually available to my code? And what is the top speed of this puppy?

Fast enough to move and to balance. This kit is more or less an introduction to basic robotics. If you are looking for something that has certain specifications, you will more than likely need to add the circuitry yourself.