Is there any API to manage DS2408 using .netmf?

Hi everyone, I am starting a project that involves several DS2408 (6 items to be exact) and several (up to 30) DS2401. Dealing with the DS2401 is easy due to it simplicity. However I read the datasheet of the DS2408 and I am disappointed by the fact that setting up an IO of a given chip recquires a lot of step. I think this should be encapsulated in an API. Do you know if there’s any attempts for that in C# or C?


Found this:

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Interesting link, this proves that my current code is not so wrong, even if it does not work at all yet. May be this is due to the fact that I have multiple DS2408 on the bus. I don’t know.

Too late for a single device on the bus, the pcb and components have been soldered. I need to make it works for tomorrow !!! I like pressure!!!

My boss does not agree with you :frowning:

I’ve found a huge project:

[quote]OW.NET – 1-Wire API port from Java (and J#) to C#. Use the Dallas 1-Wire and iButton chips with standard C# using a serial adapter (also or the TMEX drivers on the Windows platform.

As most of Dallas 1-wire devices are already coded in this project, it could be interesting to use it and provide a “download and play” API where the usual devices are already implemented…

[Edit]: I forgot to put a link to the forge: OW.NET download |