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Is there a sample on sending and receiving data on MS SQL Azure?


What is the best approach? I have cobra and panda II are they cabible of this? I’m new to the micro sifde and am not sure how to go about it as i’m guessing the entity and datasets are not part of the micro framework.


You need to run a service on your server that has some sort of link between FEZ and your service to give it access to your database.


does it support odata?


Those little devices have a lot of features but they are as capable as PCs :slight_smile:

Edit: I meant to say, NOT as capable as PCs!


is there an example of how to do this?


There are tons of socket/HTTP examples on forum, free ebooks and on code-share. Once you have communication with server, then you can implement whatever you like on your server, there is no examples for that as this is beyond what we cover here.