Is there a finite number of threads you can start?

I have an application where I start a thread, do some stuff, end the thread (by leaving the threadProc), and if I need it again, I start a new thread.
These threads are never started in parallel.
For every thread I get the message “The thread ‘’ (0x78e) has exited with code 0 (0x0).” in the Output Windows after it has exited.
Also the GC is running multiple times while the threads are started and finished.
But the last message I get is always “The thread ‘’ (0x78f) has exited with code 0 (0x0).” After that I can not start any new threads.
So does that mean I can not start more than 1935 threads?
It is no Problem to just let this thread wait instead of exiting and starting a new one every time, but I’m quite curious if there is an hard Limit.

Edit: And I’m using FW V4.3.8.1 on a G120.

Edit 2: I think I found my Problem.
At the beginning of the threadProc I made an RLP call that allocated 2058 Bytes with RLP->malloc_CustomHeap()
The plan was to call that method only once at Startup. I guess I ran out of heap :wall: