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Is the Panda still on track for Sept. 15 release?


Just wondering if the Panda is still on track for the advertised Sept. 15 stock date?

It’s getting pretty close.

Also, when are the Pics and Prices going to be posted?

Mike in MN


I love mine - it’ll make an awesome remote LCD monitoring unit. Since I need a couple of them around the house, at this fan-freakin-tastic price point, it’s on my list too. Hoping they’re on time as well!


Edit: I deleted my post because I have better news for everyone…stay tuned and get your credit card ready ;D
More details come tomorrow :wink:


My credit card has been ready for some time now. :wink:

How did the visit from the Post Office guy/Gal go? Any chance of reducing the postage for overseas if we only use regular post?


Exciting !

Wonder what will be different from the proto :slight_smile:


Oh my credit card has been ready also.

Hoping it is just as FEZ as the rest of them…

I think what I am most interested is what a starter kit will look like for this animal.

Because I am a newbie, I plan on buying some sort of starter kit to get my feet wet.

Mike in MN


Mike in MN

You should like the Panda. I have beeing using one for days now :). In fact I am writing a very interesting driver using the Panda :slight_smile:




RJ, we have had USPS shipping on website for few days now.


Check out this topic:

Once you add a item to the cart, you can check out the shipping costs on the website :wink:


RJ I am still happy to throw your stuff in with mine if you want. When Pandas go mainstream I intend to grab a few plus a Cobra and bits


So we’re waiting to see what the big news is :slight_smile:


The family and I went bummin’ today…Was kinda nervous I was gonna miss out…:slight_smile:

Well hoping tomorrow is today… :slight_smile:

Mike in MN


Sorry was busy all day, it is the weekend :slight_smile:


Whats the weekend?


@ Brett : Sweet, let me know when you are to order. I’ll be keen to get a Panda and a few other parts. richard.jacquier at (Google’s mail). Thanks.


The good news is in another post (I am writing about just now)


love the white board - too cute (and as we all know, that’s very important!)


Cute and cuddly :smiley:


Get back to writing that other post !!!


It is.

Too Excited here!

Mike in MN