Is the "G400HDR Breakout" the only mainboard choice when using a G400-D?

I have a G400-D mounted to a custom PCB which I’m trying to program in C# via Visual Studio 2013. It appears that my only choice for a Gadgeteer mainboard is the “G400HDR Breakout”. Is that correct? I was hoping for a more general “G400-D” mainboard choice, since that’s what I’m actually using.

The specific problem that I’m having is that I want to use PA28 as a GPIO. However, according to the G400HDR Breakout has PA28 mapped to the LCD backlight (on the G Y socket). Indeed, when I try to create an InterruptPort for PA28 I get a ‘CLR_E_PIN_UNAVAILABLE’ exception, which presumably comes from the G400HDR Breakout wrapper. I’m using a T43 LCD, but on my PCB it’s PC20 that’s mapped to the backlight, not PA28.

So is there any way to configure the G400HDR Breakout mainboard so that it allows PA28 to be available (because it actually is)?

I’m a newbie here, so please speak slowly. And thanks!

FEZ Raptor is the G400 Gadgeteer mainboard.

Additionally, the source for the Gadgeteer G400HDR mainboard driver is here. You can make whatever changes you like locally. If you fix a bug, please share with GHI.

@ ianlee74 - Thanks for the speedy response!

As I understand it, the FEZ Raptor mainboard has a G400-S, not a G400-D. I have a G400-D
So the “G400HDR Breakout” choice (in VS) seems like the closest choice to my actual hardware (there are 200 pin-outs on a G400-D, and only 120 pin-outs on a FEZ Raptor G400-S). Am I missing something?

I guess it depends on what exactly you’re trying to do. If you already have your custom boards made and you’re writing pure NETMF code, then the G400HDR is probably the best choice for you. If you just want to work on program logic against a G400 and you want to use modules then the Raptor is what you need. Since you already have the custom board, is it not an option to just program against it? Is it a Gadgeteer mainboard? I would assume its not and so you wouldn’t need a Gadgeteer mainboard driver.

I use the G400-D in a custom board and the LCD backlight driver pin is under user control. I don’t think the driver uses this in pure NETMF at least.

On my design I have PA28 controlling a modem power pin and I can access and control it.

If you are trying to use your G400 with the Gadgeteer drivers this may well allocate and control the PA28 pin as part of the Gadgeteer sockets.

As Ian suggested, switch to pure NETMF for your custom board and PA28 will become available to you.

@ Dave McLaughlin, @ ianlee74 - Thanks for your help.

Yes, I already have the custom board made (I didn’t design it, I’m just programming it). The board uses a G400-D but has R/G/B Y sockets (for a T43 display) and an F socket (for an SD card). In the end I just decided to modify the G400HDR mainboard driver to match my custom board which allowed me to free up PA28 which was the original goal. This also allows me to stay in “Gadgeteer-land” for now, which seemed easier than switching to “pure NETMF” which I have no experience of.

Thanks again to both of you for your suggestions.