Is the firmware on your pen up to date?

I was just watching this short video on Channel9 about the new Surface pen: [url][/url]

It is amazing how much technology and engineering skill they put into it. Toward the end he talks about the pen getting automatic firmware updates from the Surface. Firmware on a pen, whoda thunk it? I suppose a Bluetooth mechanical pencil will be next ::slight_smile:

I think we can blame this on Edison and his electric pen…

They could add some mechanics into the pen so it can hover by it self over the Surface, and you don’t have to do Manual writing/drawing anymore.


I second that, that will free my hands to have more lunches!

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Damn it! I have to get this thing for my surface. :open_mouth:

Seems like it should be relatively simple to go from there, to an accelerometer on a pen that converts writing movements into text and records whatever you write … on regular paper, or your desk, or in the air - and sends it wirelessly to any device.

If it isn’t available already, that is.

The hardware is surely available already.

Although if it isnt, then this is my official declaration of intent to build one.

It’s called the LiveScribe.

[em]“Livescribe dot paper uses regular paper printed with a unique pattern of tiny microdots. This tiny pattern works a lot like a GPS system for your smartpen. It allows a smartpen to capture everything it writes or draws on dot paper. Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe Dot Paper, so we’ve created a variety of dot paper sizes and types”

Ehh, not quite the same. I want the pen to interpret the motion of its stylus using accelerometers, not special dots on special paper :smiley:

Sorry, I didn’t realize that. Well, there’s this one then…

But that one requires line of sight with a “receiver” mounted on the top of the page, which tries to measure where the pen tip is, meaning you have to clip the receiver on whatever you are trying to write on, and have to make sure your grip doesnt block too much of the pen tip - and has a very limited range. Still not what I was hoping for… :smiley: A pen with accelerometers could write on paper and the go into the air for 3D, and would have no dimension limit to the writing/drawing.

Well, I give then… Wait! I know the device you seek! Just totally eliminate the pen.

@ ianlee74 - :smiley:

I was thinking too small!

@ ianlee74 - It’s cool, but $3000?

Yea. Using magic paper is a lot cheaper :wink: