Is that sparkfun selling FEZ Hydra?

We are very excited to supply sparkfun with another awesome product, FEZ Hydra Basic Kit. This will be the first gadgeteer product showing at sparkfun.

Are you a sparkfun customer? Then maybe drop a comment there and tell others about your experience and about the other modules and possibilities.

The community support is crucial for gadgeteer’s continuous success.

Not sure where to find the kit? This link is “all gadgeteer”

Thanks everyone.

Congrats on getting this into the spark fun catalog :slight_smile: more exposure for gadgeteer !

Congrats on gadgeteering the world :smiley:

Awesome! It should get a mention in today’s Friday new product post.

[edit] dissed on the new product vid :frowning:

Awesome! Congratulations! RadioShack is next. :wink:

Good news! I left my praise.

The SparkFun catalog says “240Mhz ARM9 Processor” while the GHI catalog says “240Mhz ARM9 Processor (running at 200Mhz)”.

Why do they get the faster boards? :slight_smile:

Already emailed them about it. Not sure why no fix yet.

@ Gus/GHI at some point you’ll have to email me where to start on getting Hydra up to 240Mhz. :wink:

That way I can thinker w/ the code and eventually get it up for everyone. That is after I release Skewworks’ next 2 products.

So glad I have vacation coming in 2 days.

Congrads guys, the more people who hear and learn about how freaking amazing Gadgeteer is, the more folks who will use it and the more people who use it, the more modules there becomes which makes it even more amazing. Positive Upward Spiral in progress here.