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Is Motor Driver L298 Module capatible with FEZ Cerbuino Net?


I’m interested in trying to control DC motors with the Motor Driver L298 Module connected to the FEZ Cerbuino Net board. Based on what I see online with the documentation, PSU Y socket on the board does not have enough PWM pins to run the motor driver module. Is this correct?

According to the motor driver pin-out diagram, it needs four PWM inputs to control the two motors. Am I missing something? Will this module work on the FEZ Cerbuino Net?



I don’t have either this mainboard or this module but by definition the module is a P module, and on the Cerbuino Net the socket 1 or 3 are both of type P so they should work fine. What made you think that socket 1 wasn’t capable ?


When I look at the catalog page for the motor module, it shows pin outs requiring four PWM inputs.

Then when I looked at the schematic for the FEZ Cerbuino Net, connector PSU Y only shows three PWMs on the pins. Pin 6 does not show as a PWM output.

I was thinking the same thing about the type P socket but was confused when I didn’t see the PWM on pin 6. Didn’t want to order the motor module and find out it wouldn’t work. Was hoping to get clarification from someone before ordering.



by definition, the mainboard must support the full P socket requirements, which means having pin 6 as a PWM capable pin. The labels on the data lines on the schematic are not definitive, so must just be omitting the PWM signal capability (it is, after all, just a text label)

I don’t know if you’ll get a reply from anyone at GHI that quick (given it’s New Years Day in the US) but if you have your Cerbuino you could try using the code at the bottom of to get the PWM pin and see if Pin 6 works as expected (for example you could dim an LED). If that works you know that you’re good :slight_smile:


@ theRobotGeek - The socket map was a bit misleading. Two of the pins control the motor direction and two control the speed. The PSUY socket on the FEZ Cerbuino Net is compatible with the Motor Driver L298.


Thanks everyone for your responses. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll go ahead and order a few motor modules and start testing with them.

FYI, I’m trying out some new precision geared motors that Sparkfun just started offering with their Actobotics line. Anxious to try controlling these motors with the motor module. If anyone is interested, I’m certainly happy to post my results.