Is it possilbe to configure a XBee via Cerberus?


The main problem is that I dont have the right modules to configure the Xbee like the XBee Explorer USB or the XBee Explorer USB dongle. Is it possible to configure the XBee via USB Client SP Module and Cerberus?
XCTU cant find anything when I connect the Cerberus with XBee to my computer.

I also have a Wi-Fi module and a Bluetooth module. Maybe it is possible to use those to configure it?

This is a project for my university and they still need some parts, so I only got a limited set of modules which contains 3 Potentiometer, 1 Button, 1 Joystick, 2 Cerberus, 2 USB Client SP, 3 XBee(I dont really know which version it is, because I dont get any documentation), 1 Wi-Fi, 1 Bluetooth and a n18 Display.

Hope that someone can answer my question.


May be this can help: - YouTube