Is it possible to include C dll to .netmf program?

And if so, how?
I was following this article:

But: [DllImport(“mydll.dll”)]
Brings up compilation error.


P/Invoke (what you’re looking at here) is only available in the desktop framework. For NETMF, on some boards, you have the option of RLP, which is the closest analogue.

@ godefroi - Can u show me an example?


@ godefroi - Too complicated!!

What I suspect you’re trying to do isn’t possible. I suspect you’re trying to use a DLL that is intended for a PC on a netmf device. That’s just not possible. That article you point out is exactly that, but for the full .Net framework; it just won’t work on netmf

If you have C code that you want to compile and end up using in your app on netmf, then RLP is one way (but is typically used for portions of code that can’t run fast enough in netmf). But you can also re-code the C into C# and use it there… but again, I assume you’re not trying to do that, you’re trying to use PC compiled code on netmf, which just isn’t going to happen.

If you tell us what the full story is, we’ll give the right advice.