Is it possible to get the Display NHVN Module anywhere?

Just wondering if it’s possible, or will be possible in the future to get the Display NHVN module?


I know it’s discontinued/legacy, but was a nice option.


First, check with distributors as they may have stock. If not, we can always remake whatever you need. There maybe a minimum quantity though.

If you can’t get anything off the shelf from the distributors and only need a small run, I can offer you the design files to make your own.

I have 4.3", 5.0" and 7.0" covered for Gadgeteer connection only.

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speaking of, some day I should make up the 5" modules I have sitting here as bare-bones PCBs and loose parts… apparently I’ll have time soon too! @Thaumaturgist, if a 5" option works for you maybe we should chat

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