Is it an art form or is it tech junk?

Have I pushed the FEZ Raptor to its limit? I am surprised that the robot components function 100%. The controller box has a problem with RF leaking into the screen. This does not effort its function but the screen gives a small blip with each package of RF. Have a look at my wiring! It must be an art form!


Beauty in the eye of the beholder!

@ KG1 - Looks awesome ! :slight_smile: Where’s the torso?

@ KG1 - When do we get to see it in action?

I don’t believe for a minute that thing works until I see a video… :wink:

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I wonder if a couple of Holey boards would help.

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@ KG1 - this looks like the coolest showcase ever !! :hand:

With that much wiring my opinion is “Art Form” :clap:

Many thanks for your comments. The code is working well. The vehicle is too big to bring inside hence the code must be well tested. Some on this forum will know I have been working on this project a long time. Homebrew is an art form and takes time. Maybe the mechanics will also take a long time. For now I must remain focused and not look at new add-on possibilities.

It is good to read the 1st May news from GHI. I was beginning to think GHI was down-sizing. But now there are new possibilities.


Hi Kevin, we did do a bit of downsizing that started a few years but it was done to continue focusing on quality and not quantity.