Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Radius!

Radius is a NETMF watch that was created by @ hagster and @ Justin. Tired of the same ole stuff in programmable watches they set out to create their own. A few short months later the first Radius prototype is functional and ready for a test spin.

To learn more about the Radius and it’s creators please click the following link,


Here are some more details from the creators:


Any Info on availability?

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@ njbuch - when I talked to them, there wasn’t anything like that discussed. It was more of the technical stuff. I don’t remember them saying in this thread either,

I’m planning on sharing the CAD models once I have had one run done to check for any big boo boos and then placing the design files somewhere for others use as they see fit.

I think Justin plans to do another ‘black’ run once he’s back from middle earth. He’s pretty much off the grid for a few months at the moment.


Geez, you guys are brave (and awesome) to tackle such a complex project. I hope you are going to turn this into a Kickstarter project as well? It should be quite popular. Good luck and kudos for what you have done with this so far.

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