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Is General Discussions category needed?


Is it? Having this will encourage people to just post there. What do you think?


Of course they will. But where else would you post a question that doesn’t fit into one of the predefined topic areas? I think it’s better to have a “General” and teach folks there’s a better category when they don’t post to the right area than to have random questions just appear under some other category because the square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole.


call it “the place of last resort”. If you can’t find an appropriately shaped hole… nevermind.


A Lobby for the cool kids?


I vote we name that bar “Greg’s Place” :wink:


With Discourse, the default category is “Uncategorized”. I’m guessing that’s probably configurable, though. But if you click the “New Topic” button when on the home page, the category will currently default to “Uncategorized” unless you change it.


Clearly Discourse was designed by a programmer :wink:


I think the General category deserves a place in a forum with the span that we actually cover. The General category seems odd on the mbed forum because the guys over there are heartless.