Is 4.1 Supported?

I remember reading on this forum that 4.1 is no longer supported by GHI. (Not 4.1 under 4.2, but the real 4.1)

Is this true?

what is the difference?

Installed versions.

One is SDK
and the other is

The big difference being that upgrading from v4.1 SDK to v4.2 SDK seems to have screwed all my projects.

A related thread, indicates problems in accessing existing v4.1 projects.

We tried 3 projects. All three needed Program.gadgeteer to be created from scratch. Then, the code had to be copied/pasted into the new project.

I seem to recall a thread where Gus stated that v4.1 was no longer supported, and, to use v4.2.

Is this correct?

I thought I would ‘butt in here’…

A related thread, indicates problems in accessing existing v4.1 projects.

I gave up on trying to make a new or revise a 4.1 project…

Ever since installing 4.2 my C# Express Toolbox is empty (For 4.1 projects) … I have not been able to correct this.
(I have erased and reinstalled EVERYTHING related to .NET and .NET Micro including C# Express and whatever)
I have installed the software for GHI SDK’s in the order stated.

I still remain without any Toolbox items to create a new 4.1 project…
I assume that the Toolbox items are provided in the ‘Core’

Sorry, Just my ‘rant’…

The answer to my question is “NO” 4.1 is not supported.

Gus posted:

“If using gadgeteer then 4.2 is the only option. Otherwise you can use 4.1 if you like”

In response to a related thread

See this thread also on sticking with an older SDK there are reasons, but old & new don’t play well together.

4.1 and 4.2 on the same computer works fine.

@ Mike : “4.1 and 4.2 on the same computer works fine.”

So the old thread I referenced is incorrect about installing both on one machine or is it that 4.2 encompasses 4.1?

I think you guys are confusing GHI vs microdoft SDK.

If you really want to go back, then the boneyard might have releases that you might like… .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics but you’d be on your own making sure the netmf SDK and GHI SDKs matched.

This is already found right under the package download GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software