IR Receiver Module with Remote

Has anyone worked with the IR Receiver Module with Remote?

It was working fine till today, now every button I push is 63…

Did something cause it to adopt the wrong protocol? Is there a way to get it back?


You need to show us some of your code so we can see what you are doing with the module.

The code is basically the sample code for the module. It prints the number of the button being pressed.

irreceiver.IREvent += new IR_Receiver.IREventDelegate(irreceiver_IREvent);

void irreceiver_IREvent(object sender, IR_Receiver.IREventArgs e)
Debug.Print("Button pressed " + e.Button.ToString());

Here are the instructions provided in the Developer’s Guide:

To begin programming, press and hold the mute button. The light on the front of the remote will continuously blink. If the light stops blinking, it has reached the end of the list of protocols. Release the mute button and press and hold it again. As you can see, when you see a number greater than 38 displayed in the output window, or you see STOP, release the button immediately, as you are now on the correct IR format.

So those are the instructions.

It worked the first time I set it. The remote was working property till yesterday. Now, no matter what button I push, it says it is button 63. Not sure what happened.

I have tried going through the above “programming” steps again. But after doing this, it still says button 63 no matter which button I push

I have tried taking the battery out of the remote and then reinserting and starting over, but still it says button 63 no matter which button I push.

Anyone have any additional information on this remote? Can someone refer me to the manufacturers documentation?


You will also get a 63 back from every button if the remote is not sending a pure RC5 protocol. This remote should not have that issue if it is in the default configuration.

You don’t need to program the remote if you are using it with the IR receiver module. The programming instructions are for using the remote with a TV or other device.

I don’t have the remote documentation in front of me, but I recommend resetting the remote to the factory default and use it in that configuration. I have used the remote for several projects.

I am not sure about the example for programming in the Dev Guide. Programming is for getting it to work with a TV. The way it comes, I do believe that mute sends a 12 not a 38. Look at the docs that came with the remote and reset to factory settings.

Please let us know what you find.


I don’t believe I received any documentation with the remote. The developer guide info I was able to find. Haven’t been able to find a way to reset it. Tried holding down combinations of buttons, but haven’t hit upon the right sequence…

It finally reset, not exactly sure how.

Maybe it was taking the battery out. Hit the power button. It will blink once. Then put the battery back in and holding down the mute button per the instructions.

Something like that.

At any rate, for others who are programming against this remote, the button numbers I am getting are:

Power - 12
Channel Up - 32
Channel Down - 33
Mute - 13
Volume Down - 17
Volume Up - 16
AVTV - 56

Assumedly that is consistent for all remotes of this type.

When looking for code, always check the codeshare section of the community tab. Here is a link to my I/R remote project from the Codeshare:

i see this forum but there isn’t any hint for my problem.
“i have problem with my ir receiver ,all the times with different kind of remotes it return 63 !!! ,is there any solution or key for this ?”