IR Receiver Module not working any more


I am using the IR Receiver Module on my .NET MF 4.3 Project on a FEZ Hydra. It has been working without any problems a week ago. So I decided to take over the newest Gadgeteer driver for this module from github.

Of course afterwards the module doesn’t work any more :cry:
Going back to the 4.2 gadgeteer driver didn’t help too. After a while of reading and debugging I noticed that there was only a timing problem in decoding the IR interrupts. Because I receive the interrupts but the final event with the button code does not get fired. Another remote control from my samsung bluray player fired the driver event and I could receive a button press which I printed out in the visual studio console. Though it is always the same code from the samsung remote I was happy about this sign of life.

Finally I think the problem is the small included remote control delivered with the music module. How can I get this thing back to its intial state? Removing the battery does not help. Did I put them in a programming state?


I think you somehow accidentally programmed the remote with a different code. I am not sure how you can reprogram it or make it go the default program.

@ tester56723 - might help you with reprogramming if needed.

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I know this document but I cannot get the programming mode working. If I press the mute button there is no blinking LED on the front of the remote control…

@ tester56723 - Did you press the button briefly or hold it down? Perhaps the battery has died

I held it down half a minute and no enduring blinking could be seen. Hm if I do a single press then the red LED is blinking once. So the battery should not be the problem.
As soon as I get another battery I will give it a try.

Finally a new battery solved the problem. Now pressing the mute button resulted in a blinking red LED and the now the remote was working again :slight_smile: