IR LED Array Module v1.0 - Hardware now available (limited quantities)


I’m pleased to announce that, thanks to all of the help from the TinyCLR community, v1.0 of my IR LED Array module is now available in limited quantities.

I’ve assembled the first batch of boards, and will be sending those out today or tomorrow, so if you’ve already been in touch with me, you should be good to go.

Some quick points, to set expectations appropriately:

[ol]This module is designed to work with a .NET Gadgeteer-compatible mainboard. While it could certainly be used for other things, its intended as a module, so I cant really help with other uses.
Im not a professional electronic designer, and this is very much a seat-of-the-pants design. It works for my use-case (controlling an IR remote control helicopter), but I cant promise it will work for every purpose you might want to try.
The PCBs I had made for the module are prototype-quality boards, and have not been electrically tested by the PCB fabricator, so while I will test each module that I assemble to ensure that they work prior to sending them out, if you order as a kit, theres a small possibility that the board could have manufacturing issues (in which case I would certainly replace it at no cost).
I have not yet finished the driver software for the modules. I can send you some code that will work fine for generating IR pulses in the interim, but given my work schedule its possible that it might be mid-March before Im able to finish the driver.[/ol]

Given those caveats, if you are interested in getting an IR LED Array module of your own, please head over to The Garage - Low Code Life, and follow the link to contact me.

P.S. - once the initial batch of modules are in the hands of the lucky recipients and I have some feedback that the design is working as intended, it is my intention to open source both the hardware and software.

No logo on the PCB? :frowning:

@ ianlee74

It’s a prototype, and I wasn’t sure when I submitted it for fab what the actual requirements were to use the logo. The logo (or lack of it) doesn’t make it open source, sharing the board files, schematic, and parts list does.

If there’s enough demand for another run of boards, I’ll make sure to add the logo, OK? :wink:

First batch of modules has shipped!

Will update this thread when the driver is ready.

Awesome! Thanks!

Those dam Canadians and having to ship international eh!!!

Thanks so much for the module, and may this be only the first of many, many more successful modules from you and the Gadgeteer community.

Thanks again.

First? :o I am hurt ;D

lol, it is devhammer’s first not the community’s first … do not feel bad :slight_smile:

@ Architect

You are truly the module King in addition to being the FEZ King. But many of us are hungering for your modules…when can we order them? :wink:

Seriously, though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Without your help, and that of the rest of the community, this would likely not have come to fruition.

@ Duke

Yeah, you know you’d think we’d have gotten around to just annexing Canada by now. :smiley:

That would solve those pesky customs problems.

<g, d & r>

@ Architect - when ARE we going to be able to get our hands on one of yours? I thought for sure we would see Chucky or the (simple) Piezo for sale “in limited quantities” by now :slight_smile: And who in Gadgeteer land is not drooling over the POE module? I don’t know how many more times we can take “I’m really busy” for an answer ::slight_smile: Once you tell the world these things exist (blog), you can’t put the cat back in the bag!

Alright, who wants Chucky send me an e-mail

In case you’d like to see the IR LED Array module in action, there’s a video here:

D’oh! Realized I could embed the video…the big V should’ve been my first clue:



So where’s the code for your heli controller? Please do share!

Very cool video! 8) Great showcase for Gadgeteer

If you’d like the code, please drop me an email at Contact - Low Code Life

The code isn’t sufficiently polished to publish quite yet, but I’ll be happy to share it privately to folks who want to test using their shiny new modules. :slight_smile:

Link has dot at the end which makes it invalid.

Fixed! Thanks for catching that…

Got my modules today! Love the note on the back. Very special touch. You’re awesome!

@ ian

Glad they got there safe and sound. Had to wait to publish my assembly video 'til I was pretty sure you guys had all gotten them (though I haven’t heard back from @ Architect yet as to whether his arrived).