IP65 Led Strip glue

For those of you who have bought the IP65 version of the led strips you know that clear, soft, flexible like silicone sealant they use on the leds to make the strip waterproof.
I am looking to buy that material to seal a circuit board. I have no idea what it is or where to get it. Do any of you know what this material is and where to buy it ?


@ VersaModule.

This is what I have used in other projects. it’s not flexible, not cheap but works great and dries clear.


Thanks, but i really need the clear flexible stuff.

You probably want silicone. There are several different types. Most are acid curing (smells like vinegar) which is generally a bad idea for electronics.

A Bing search brought the following very interesting links to more information:


@ Frogmore - I need to be able to pour it into a mold. silicone wont cut it, but thanks.

Well, that will cost you a lot more.


If that doesn’t work, I’m pretty sure you could find something here:

As I said, there are many different types, designed for lots of different uses. The ones that have common uses are pretty inexpensive. The others, not so much :).

I think you are looking for something like this?

We used to use a flexible sealer for PCB’s like this but it was re-entrant. This meant that we could dig it out and do repairs if need be. Never had to though once they were tested and working.