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IP address for every light bulb


I want them now :smiley:

Guess soon we’ll have multiple IP ranges in our private homes 8)


While I agree is a great idea, this following quote will prevent wide acceptance (cost notwithstanding).

THAT is an oxymoron. Proprietary anything dooms it to obsolescence, IMHO. What we really need is some kind of open source venture funding that gets us to the same end using the collective minds of geeks like us. I would really like to have the budget to make a cool video like that.

Viva la Open Source! (or should that be masculine ‘le’ ?)

Too much coffee = standing high up on my soapbox,



Love the idea but if I can’t control these lights from FEZ or any simple micro then no thanks


Here are more details on the network side:

It uses JenNet-IP stack, with optional ZigBee

Further more: