IoT Mood Cube

Very cool,
too bad we can’t control the monkey… ;D

as far as the streaming goes, it should work pretty much in any browser since it is pushing images :wink: … right click on the video and you will see…


Everything works on my Windows Phone as well :slight_smile: Great job! Next time let us control your model railroad :smiley:

It’s stays on one setting until changed by a user. I’ve started writing a client app that will save customized color scripts… for folks whose mood is always changing. The BlinkM LEDs have a ton of commands I have not taken advantage of yet.

The cube survived a night of intense mood changes! I logged on from work this morning and proceeded to pulse. Thanks for your help everyone.

Got some time to play with it finally.Nicely done!

Did you add any ip address logging? :smiley: