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IoT Labs WiFi Module Production Run #2


Since there seems to be a lot of interest in the module this is the official announcement for production run #2. The cost of the module is $58.00 (US) and shipping is a flat rate of $7.00 (US) to the continental US and $25.00 (US) to all other countries.

The following forum members (sorry if I missed anyone) have expressed interest in the past to purchase a module. If you are still interested please send me a private message with your full mailing address and the number of modules and type of antenna (on-board or external). The external version does not include an antenna, only the connector.

RoSchmi (I have your mailing address, just need the antenna type)
Alex Bilityuk

Please respond by 12/31/2014. Then I will send you an invoice via Paypal and will order the parts after the invoice is paid in full. If everyone pays before 1/10/2015 I will ship by 1/31/2015.

If interested you can download the SDK now from


@ munderhill - Which version would this be, if I look at the installer.exe version it mentions 1.0.2 I already have 1.0.3 installed … ??


@ PiWi - You have the latest. I will check the website to see what the issue is. I mainly posted the link for those who do not currently own a module and want to look at the help file and examples. I will be releasing v1.1 in January.


Only 4 more boards available in this run, all with on-board antennas! I will close the run when those are spoken for.


Put me down for one for testing.


You still have be down for one I hope.


@ Jason - I do indeed!


I have 4 WiFi modules with onboard antennas ready to ship! Get’em while they last!


I’ll take one!


Sent you some money…


Only 2 more left… :dance:


@ munderhill - any updates on the sdk, I’m on 1.0.3 ?


@ PiWi - v1.1 is imminent! :wink:


I just received notification of an update to the BG WiFi SDK to 1.3.0 (beta). Are the modules field updateable? I seem to recall that this SDK might have SSL in it. Fingers crossed.


@ Jason - You can find that in the software release section on this page

Good catch - :clap:


Is that a yes ? then @ munderhill - there goes the vacation :whistle:


@ munderhill - And finally … your test …

Man, this was an adventure … first the PC gone and then after setting VS2013 with NetMf and gadgeteer and GHI and … I finally could load my project only to run into a misterious number accompanied with misterious error (see first image) and here for the applied solution on v4.3 in my case. So I was able to copy over the MetaDataProcessor.exe.config to a folder where the same named executable is and voila VS2013 loaded, compiled, eh build and deployed a plain NetMf binary to my nice little spider on All done on NetMf and gadgeteer and GHI’s latest SDK … No further code changes needed, the original was made in VS2015.

@ Jason - In the IotLabs SDK you’ll find some nice methods like StartTcpServer or even a StartUdpServer and much more … and I heard a rumour that there is even more to come …

[quote]The thread ‘’ (0x2) has exited with code 0 (0x0).
06/01/2011 00:57:50 Board: GHI Electronics FEZ Spider 1.0
06/01/2011 00:57:50 OEM : Copyright © GHI Electronics, LLC
06/01/2011 00:57:50 SDK :

06/01/2011 00:57:50 Preparing the network…
06/01/2011 00:57:50 Hi guys …

06/01/2011 00:58:04 Spider & IotLabs Wifi calling from
06/01/2011 00:58:04 According to NTP it is Wednesday, 07 January 2015 00:17:40

So the IotLabs Wifi is up and running on socket 4 of the spider and still to test a lot but there is a start.


So the IotLabs Wifi is up and running on socket 4 of the spider and still to test a lot but there is a start.

@ PiWi - Thanks for running the test and I am glad the module works on the Spider. I ordered one yesterday to have it to test with in the future.


@ munderhill - Huh, you order your own wifi modules … :whistle:


I think he means Spider…