IoT Azure

Nothing against Azure but I question paying for something that is not for Commercial use.
I just play around with different hardware/software to keep this very old brain active.

So I ask if anyone has seen any sample code on using OneDrive to save/recover data from NETMF applications.

I have looked but I have not found anything useful. But then again I’m a terrible searcher on the net…

I ask because the folks that come here seem to know about almost everything.

It is not netmf but uwp is included so you can use an rpi in the middle … don’t know about any additional costs though … [url][/url]

IoT hub is your best bet. It is free for a small amount of data per hour, there are samples on their GitHub page, remote monitoring is probably your best bet although you would need to customise it’s build template to use the free price tiers otherwise it will end up costing about £500 a month. There is now NetMF support using Http or you can hack amqp support using the amqpnetlite library. I will post a link to a blog that shows the process when I get a chance. From there you could save to blob storage which is very cheap…

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