Introducting the new updated FEZ Spider Gadgeteer kit

The FEZ Spider Starter Kit was the first .NET Gadgeteer compatible kit on the market. Since it’s introduction in 2011, it has been very popular and will continue to be a part of our offerings, however we thought we would give it a little face lift.

The new kit is called FEZ Spider Tinker Kit, which includes modules similar to the FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit. This similarity allows us to provide a unified Gadgeteer customer experience. This unified experience will allow you start with either kit and upgrade or downgrade as needed.

This new kit is available for the super low price of under $160. While low on cost it is not low on features! The kit includes all of the modules found in the FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit while also including a 3.5" touch display instead of the smaller 1.8" display, and also includes an Ethernet Module for your networking needs. Let’s not forget about the included Holey Board that will allow you to keep your modules neat and organized!

Please keep in mind that the FEZ Spider is based on GHI’s EMX System on Module. This automatically provides powerful functionality such as native WiFi and PPP for the internet of Things, along with other features such as SQLite databases as well as RLP for loading native-time-critical libraries.

So join us today in introducing and welcoming the FEZ Spider Tinker Kit into the GHI family!

FEZ Spider Tinker Kit: