Introducing Venus

0.96" OLED display 128x64 pixels
2 User Buttons
LiPo Battery charger
NETMF v4.4

All on a 1" x 2.5" PCB!

IoT Labs Venus


@ munderhill - some users complain about netmf’s progress, others release awesome products based on latest 4.4 :slight_smile: keep up the good work.

Very nice!

when do we order?

@ Gus - Thanks for the encouraging words, Gus! I can’t wait to get this in user’s hands. I’ve been up since 1:30AM refining the layout so the top side is cleaner.


I’m also pretty sure I’ll be able to squeeze a MicroSD card holder onto the board!!! :dance:

@ munderhill - Ehm, is this the ESP-WROOM-S2 ?

I’ll probably read/view it wrong but according to the DS I read from [url][/url] it has a 2x10 solder mask foot print instead of the 2x9 ?

If it is not the same ESP module then ignore this post …

@ .Peter. - yes, this is the esp - wroom02 module

Whoa! I’m going to repeat that question… You have NETMF running an ESP32??? Is that port going to be OSS? Or can we buy pre-flashed ESP-WROOM0-S2? This is awesome!

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@ ianlee74 - I know you are teasing but agreed it would probably shake to whole community to have netmf running in the Tensilica L106 MCU. With its 2 MB (max 16 MB) of flash and up to max 128 KB of RAM netmf is a bit tight.

I was referring to the right side (as in not left) of the rendered picture were the WROOM-02 shows with an 18 pins housing but the datasheet mentions a 20 pins housing. I reckon this is all a very early render. A rendering of the back would be of interest too.

@ Munderhill - Are you using the uart command channel or the spi one or ?

[Edit] - I correct myself in this case, yours = serial = ESP-WROOM-02, mine = SPI = ESP-WROOM-S2


@ ianlee74 - I don’t think so, at the start of the list there is STM32F427 mentioned.

But anyways running .NET MF on Expressif would be awesome! :wink:

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@ munderhill - When… When… When can we buy… :wall:

@ Mr. John Smith - I’d say realistically, January. Hoping to have the prototypes completed by end of December.

@ munderhill - How much money…

@ Mr. John Smith - I knew you were going to ask that… Let me do some number crunching and get back to you. :wall: I might even do a Kickstarter project just to get the price down, but I haven’t decided on that.

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@ Mr. John Smith - Looks like between $49.95 and $59.95 depending on whether I can get the MCU and PCB prices down. :wink:

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Have you built a prototype yet? What about releasing the dimensions before hand so we can have an enclosure 3d printed.?

@ Mr. John Smith - Prototypes have not been built yet, still tweaking the layout. I’ll release the dimensions this weekend.

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Just sent Venus to the fab!!!


You know, I forgot about this. munderhill do you have paypal? can I just send you 50 bucks?

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@ Mr. John Smith - I’d love to take your money, but let me build the prototypes and you will be the first to get one when the design works! Hopefully I’ll have them built before Christmas.


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