Introducing Tinkr

Tinkr is finally here!
Over 3 dozen controls, containers and dialogs in all
4.1 and 4.2 support
Image32 & Application support
And you can try it free!

If you’ve purchased .NET Clix in the last 6 months, please hold off, we’ll be setting up a special discount for you. :smiley:

And even if you haven’t ordered Clix, we’re going to offer 10% off for TinyCLR users, keep an eye out for the coupon code!


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Wow this is cool! I have been tempted to get the 7 inch display GHI has now I might have to just to play with this.


Now everyone rush out and buy a copy! You’ve never had more fun creating UIs in NETMF.

@ Skewworks - looks very good!


Your discount code is now available TinyCLR’s just enter “TinyCLRRULES” on the Buy tab to get 10% off! Expires October 31st 2012.


Tinkr will work on any of the displays pure NETMF and gadgeteer, but definitely use it as an excuse to buy the CP7; I’ve greatly enjoyed it.

Very nice – I’m sure many many hours have gone into this project!

The family may have done a little dance when I announced it was done and I wouldnt need to work on it again for a little while. :wink:

Ha! Now that everyone’s banging on it you’ll probably be working harder than ever. Enjoy tonight anyway :slight_smile:

That’s why I said “for awhile” :wink:

I’m sure despite delaying release for more than a week to do additional testing & fixes someone, somewhere, will do something I hadn’t quite counted on. But that’s the fun of software, right?

Yea…and that’s why my weekend has yet to begin.