Introducing The G-imp, Electric Imp Gadgeteer Module

So here it is folks. A new module that brings together the Gadgeteer platform and the Electric Imp.
It uses a U type Socket and the Imp’s Serial (uart) Pins 1&2 to communicate between the gadgeteer and the Imp.
Also unused pins 9,8,7 and 5 are broken out to the side of the module to allow you to use those too.
Pricing: $15.00 post & packaging
Availabiltiy: Will have 9 available in a week or so.
To place an order email me at hbourne at me dot com


Top stuff fella - keep em coming!!


Does this mean you’re also a Squirrel expert? Definitely sign me up for one when they’re ready. email is my forum name at gmail.

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hahaha I popped my Squirrel cherry last night. I have to say that it was my first experience of coding without visual studio and ive never done any C either. I really missed intellisense, its like having an arm cut off and an eye removed.
Here is the Squirrel code that i used for the demo in the vid. All it does is send Blue or Red as a string. On the spider it just raises a DataRecieved event on the serialline and i convert and parse the text to decide which colour to turn the LED. Simples!
Im also sending back a string to make sure comms works in both directions.

// Serial Comms test
// Register with the server
local impeeOutput = OutputPort("UART In", "string");
//local ImpeeInput = InputPort("UART out", "string");// set impeeOutput as a string
imp.configure("G-Imp Communications", [], [impeeOutput]);
hardware.uart12.configure(19200, 8, PARITY_NONE, 1, NO_CTSRTS);
local State = "Blue"
function rxtxBlue()
            if (State=="Red") 
            else if (State=="Blue")
            local s = "";
            local byte =;
            while(byte != -1) {
            byte =;
    // If we got anything, send it all as a string
    if (s.len()) impeeOutput.set(s);

    imp.wakeup(1, rxtxBlue);
    // hello


// End of code.

Now that is quite a visual :smiley: Make sure to send some flowers.

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Very nice

Nice to see different platforms working together.

Impressive, very impressive!! Put my name on one of those modules as this has some interesting possibilities as it opens a new technology door for Gadgeteer that is definitely worth exploring.

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A shotgun wedding of technologies is no doubt going to be the result, and one that even raises eyebrows in Hollywood given how young a technology electric imp is.

I have to comment on your module name however as G-imp somehow brings ‘Gimp’ from Pulp Fiction to mind. Ya I know, some people have a hard time thinking outside the box, I can’t find the box.

I will make one up and send it to Justin so he can include it in your next shipment.
I struggled with the name somewhat and thats what the - is for. It also makes it memorable. I nearly introduced it as “Bring out the…” but thought better of it :slight_smile:

Price for this module is $15.00 + shipping. as before anyone ordering modules from me and also from Justin has the option to combine the shipments to save on costs.

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