Introducing the Fezzie award

Since becoming a member on October 6th 2010, Valentine Ivanov (Architect) has been a top contributor and the most active in the community. With over 8,000 forum posts and numerous codeshare posts, he truly deserves to be the very first member to receive our top honor reward, the Fezzie award. We hope this award will express our gratitude for Architects help and contributions.

So what is the Fezzie award? It is the top honor award from GHI Electronics that goes to select members who go above and beyond to support the community. It is has been crafted by the employees of GHI Electronics, from engineering to building, everyone had a personal touch that went into this top honor award.

And how could we call ourselves geeks if we did not make it high tech! The Fezzie award was gadgeteered. Are you surprised? With a display, buzzer and numerous RGB LEDs, you can just plug it in and watch it glow on your desk, or you can geek-out and reprogram it to whatever you wish. It is beautiful either way.

We are not stopping there, a $100 gift card will also be provided. Who would not love to have more of the GHI-gear?

So, THANK YOU Valentin (Architect) for all the support and we are honored to have you as a member of our community.



Can’t imagine a more deserving member, besides sharing code in the codeshare, he does a lot of tech support for GHI!

Congratulations! How awesome is this!

WTG Architect!

Well earned Architect and cool award GHI, worthy of a Gadgeteer.

Clap clap clap!

Well deserved!

Superhuman architect :slight_smile: We need pictures of you with the reward please :wink:

Congratulations Architect! Truly well deserved, I have had personal experience with how helpful Architect can be along with other members. Just in case he has forgotten both he and Devhammer where a huge help to me when building custom introp functionality into the Hydra firmware.

WOW! That was a big surprise this morning. I knew I am getting GameO and some other stuff, but when I saw a big box with “Fragile” sticker on it I thought - “It is a lamp!”.

Was really surprised when I opened the box. That thing is a piece of art! Big thank you to everybody at GHI for making this and selecting me as the first recipient . Big thank you to everybody in the community. We learn from each other and I would gladly nominate at least a couple of dozens other members who deserves this right away!

Thank you!


Looking great, boss :slight_smile:

congratulation Architect!

Thanks guys! :smiley:

You have my full respect, thanks for making this community so great! Cheers

Congrats !

**** now is that a 3D printer in the making, that I see on your desk ?

Congrats, Architect! Well deserved.

@ GHI - That’s the coolest award ever!

Thanks again!

@ Rajesh - Yep! Been sitting there for some time. :frowning:

Congratulations Architect ! a well deserved award !

Congratulations mate…

Seriously cool man. A well deserved award. Keep up the good work man.