Interupts again... Cobra II Extender socket 7

Sorry for asking the same question again and again. I am starting to wonder why no-one else asks these interrupt capability questions, there has to be something that I dont understand at all. :think:

This time socket 7 on the Cobra II extender (schematic attached) - I am hoping to have 5 digital inputs with interrupt capability on there.

Can you assist?

[quote=“njbuch”]I am hoping to have 5 digital inputs with interrupt capability on there.

Can you assist?

Use this

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Pin 3 is guaranteed to be interrupt capable. None of the others are guaranteed to be interrupt capable. So, exactly what is your question? Are the others capable? To know that you’d need to look at the datasheet for the SOM.

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@ njbuch - Gadgeteer socket specification “guarantees” only one interrupt capable pin on a socket - pin #3. You have to check in datasheet for the micro that is used on the particular board to see if other pins are interrupt capable or not.

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+1 to all three of you! (Including Bec for his nice pointer towards the fact that all pins on the Quail sockets are ints!)

BUT, I have been looking into the manual of the SoM, and cant find the information, thats why I am asking here.

I would like to know which pins would support interrupts?

Here is the names of the pins, to make it easier:

Yesterday, @ John pointed to the fact that pins sharing the same number used the same interrupt, so maybe there is four here: P0, P1, P3 6 P4? And then the pins sharing the number would not work.

@ Architect - I am fully aware of the Gadgeteer spec with only one ! in each socket. Thats why I am taking this very specific socket for the investigation.

EDIT: For those capable: [url][/url]

Well, you didn’t specify what you are aware of in the question and I am just trying to help.

Each MCU is different @ John’s answer was for STI’s.

See this document:

I’ve looked at the manual and it looks like you are out of luck with this socket. GPIO Interrupts can be configured on pins from Port 0 and Port 2.

So the only interrupt capable pin is Pin #3 ( P0.4 pin 4 from port 0 )

Fantastic! Im learning. Can you provide a page number? Need to find another socket you know…

Not near computer. Just search for “GPIO Interrupts”

@ Architect - thanks for assisting, but reading that document is just too big a mouthful to me. I really tried to find the stuff. The only thing I got was intense respect for the people being able to understand everything there… :clap:

Anyway, new attempt, what about socket 9 then, which has the following pins:

Will these four pins be interrupt capable?

If not I will move to socket 10 :wink:

Thanks for any assistance… :smiley:

Looks like it. All of them are from Port 0.

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