Interrupt UART for MIDI Input (how to?)

Guys, I read the whole NETMF manual for FEZ and its great! Thank you GHI for this, its really a great work!

Now, my only question is: how do I setup an Interrupt based UART model for receiving MIDI notes?

The idea is to echo everything from the input to the output. Also, record notes during sequencer-recording. So we need this to be interrupt based, since its a bit time-critical.

I’m sure that once I get my FEZ Panda running, I can figure this out. But if anyone already found or created examples and would like to point this out to me, I would be much appreciated. :wink:

(My FEZ Panda should arrive in 10 days, hopefully, if all turns out right!! YEY! )

Edit: its Midi Input, not Output, sorry… :-[

Thanks, Wk

This is “.NET” which means you can find about any C# example out there for a PC then then it will work on your FEZ :slight_smile:

Even better, look at GPS is serial so let us check …

I just checked and yes it has what you need

have fun :slight_smile:

Man, thank you so much, why didn’t I think of that before? :-[ :whistle:

Yes, I get it know, that example is perfect and FEZ to understand… :clap:

I’m starting to love this, and I haven’t even “started” yet. :wink:

Thanks again.


Yes that is the point behind FEZZer…it shows you all kind of examples right there…we do not allow zip files for that reason :wink: