Internet Speed Comparison

Hey guys I just wanted to show off my fiber optic connection and to see how fast people internet is.
You can test yours at

0 ms ping, its fiber optics internet.

Here is mine to Richmond ~50 miles

Here is one to Toronto ~500 miles

I’d show you what the speeds are here at VSLive! but it would be embarrassing for everyone.

Now, you have to show it!

@ Architect
Man those are crazy speeds. Where are those from, home,work or university/college

These are from work. I have fiber at home as well. Just checked what it looks like for a location across the ocean. Not as good! Will check from home later

Work, I knew it! Oversea internet for me sucks too

100x better than it was this morning. Maybe they’re getting their stuff worked out.

How is VSLive by the way?

Just the day-zero workshops so far. I’m in the “SQL for developers” one, where the new stuff in SSDT and SQL 2012 are really neat, and the BI stuff is really boring :wink:

We just switched to 2012. Great stuff!

I’ve got a passing grade from home, barely …

We’re in the process of buying 2008R2, but we’re getting the Software Assurance - so we’ll be on 2012 when SP1 comes out.

When is the RTM/RTW for 2012?

Here’s mine from Menifee to Los Angeles… about 70 miles.
I’m on Verizon FIOS fiber optic.

RTM for 2012 was a couple weeks ago.