Internet of Things Contest (aka The Easiest Contest Ever) – Part 2

Sounds like some Gadgeteer dudes could be taking home some goodies from SparkFun.

When they ran the first one, several of us cashed in :slight_smile: I’m not sure how much the API has changed since then, but here’s what we have to start with:

I’ve been playing around with the visuals on ThingSpeak and (I got my multiple data feeds working with so I’ll be posting that source code soon) and certainly I think ThingSpeak would like people to fancy up their displays with plugins for example.

I doubt I can use my Gas Sensor project in this contest (its in the contest description as an ‘Project Inspiration’ example), and I don’t know if the Office Palms Monitor is an option either, so I might have to come up with a new project to put up, which shouldn’t be a problem other then time.

Wonder if I have time to order some new modules for this?

Duke > If you are able to add on a visual plugin component to your Gas Project, that would count for the contest.

The API is essentially the same, but there are many more add on apps such as ThingTweet, TweetControl, and REACT.

I’m new here and it seems many here are cashed gold, can someone guide me to get more cash? thanks