Internet of things Box by Gadgeteer

I design a Internet of things Box by Gadgeteer.
Thanks Gadgeteer’s 3D model.


Is this just a prototype 3D model for fun or is it something you’re actually building? What’s it going to do? What are the antenna connected to?

Actually building, antenna connected to GPRS, and Xbee

@ ianlee74 , any suggestion?

I don’t really know much about the project but if you want suggestions… The first thing that jumped out at me was that it looks like the box is a lot taller than it has to be if you didn’t mount the power module and whatever is next to it (GPRS?) on their side. Also, your ethernet module looks like it’s upside down in the model. I would mount the antenna on the back side of the box. That gives you the option to mount on a wall if you later wish. They can be turned at a 90 deg to give the same orientation you currently have.

Is this going to be a metal box?

metal box

What software are you using?

All Gadgeteer software and will use Tinkr 2 to develop the GUI.
This box is a prototype , so will be modified much.
After I finish this project, I will give more details here.

I mean for the 3D design? :slight_smile: