Internet of Things and Ultimate kit, a perfect starting point

For software developers eager to learn hardware, and those interested in the exciting world of FEZ and NETMF, we would like to introduce the FEZ Internet of Things Kit. This kit includes plenty of sensors to jump start your next project. Thanks to the FEZ Connect shield, no soldering is necessary, everything is plug-and-play with open source drivers. The kit works with any Arduino form-factor board, FEZ Domino, FEZ Panda, FEZ Panda II and even Arduino!

Need touch color display and the popular FEZ Panda II? We have a kit for you. Want even more? The FEZ Ultimate Kit takes the Internet of things kit and combines it with FEZ Touch and FEZ Panda II for under $150!

FEZ Internet of Things Kit
FEZ Ultimate Kit

Looks awesome!


I just pre-ordered one. Can you point me to good sources or reference materials?

See this please

Any info when these will be shipping??


They are shipping right now the pre-orders right now. But will be officially in stock next week.


I received a big box full of the Ultimate kits today and they look fantastic! They each come in a nice red box (an added bonus for what I am doing). Great work!

Glad you like what you received. Now what about some pictures of your class using them :slight_smile:

Next class for those kits starts next Tuesday. Will post pictures then. ;D

Anyone know of a UK supplier who has the ‘Internet of things’, FEZ tinkerer’ and ‘Connect Shield’ for Panda II in stock? I’ve looked at all of the distributor listed on the GHI site and none of them are listing them - and shipping costs from GHI to the UK make my eyes water :smiley:

Call your favorite supplier and ask them to get you a kit, they should be able to help :slight_smile:
But I can’t see shipping to UK being too high using USPS! How much was it?

Postage was $15 for USPS - but no tracking/insurance and 3-4 weeks delivery :think:. If I was shipping from the US I would need to have tracking/insurance (it’s a long journey - and things manage to go astray on a semi-regular basis when I order them from abroad ::)). The cheapest option with that was $65 :o which would of almost doubled the cost of a Connect Shield or FEZ Tinkerer.

You could try
Not UK but EU, so fast delivery at small charge, no VAT
They seem to have everything now.


concerning watterott, it seems that the ultimate kit is out of stock.

I asked them when it will be available again but the only answer I got was a request number and to wait
for a next email which I haven’t received since almost a week…

Sorry. They’re usually very fast. I see on the home page that the service desk is down due to sickness. Must be understaffed. Maybe GHI can recommend another EU dealer who has been delivered?

I recommend Jan Kucera’s shop:


Unfortunately the ultimate kit is not available yet (on the way)