Internet connection / show content of display T35 in browser

I want to show the content of Display T35 on the internet.
Are there any code or how can I do it?

A better description of what components you have would needed to help.

But conceptually (and typically):

  1. Run a webserver on your FEZ that outputs the same information as the T35.

  2. You would need a way to allow internet traffic to get to the FEZ, through your router you’d need to setup NAT/PAT or something similar.

  3. Lastly if your internet service gives you a DHCP based IP, then you’ll need to use something similar to a Dynamic DNS service.

If you are hinting at a Remote Desktop style of protocol, it is possible in theory but would require implementation of an encoder that would convert a Bitmap into a friendly format such as JPEG or BMP.

With stand-alone NETMF I do not believe this is possible.