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Internet Census 2012


OK as a security sort of dude there was a very interesting study released (note this study is rather illegal in most countries so do not attempt), which showed once again how insecure devices on the internet are and frankly how many of them are already pwn3d, but from a IoT view there are a couple of really interesting things to note. First the second most used Web Server is Allegro RomPager which is an embedded device web server, IoT isn’t coming, its already here.

Worth the read, and remember to write secure code!!


Darn right write secure code. Scan the internet an 1 hour? That would be an awesome botnet to have.


Easy to say, hard to do. Not having SQL injection vulnerabilities is one thing, but not even close to the ONLY thing.


All awareness about security at the end user side but should be enforced by the manufacturers (imho)

People by a box, plug it in and if it works, don’t touch it anymore… (and yes the default pwd for admin = admin… (headbang))