International Shipping (Australia)


I am wanting to order a FEZ mini in order to gain experience with the USBizi chip for embedding in a size/weight critical application.

I hit a brick wall when the shipping was quoted as $84 for FedEx shipping to Australia.

Is there a cheaper option I can use (USPS? I have always had a good experience with them)

Robert Heffernan

We have resellers in Australia. Why not buy from them?

Got any links to them, I can’t seem to find a reseller via google.

Try the big ‘Distributors’ link at the top of each page :slight_smile:

Look at the bottom…

Awesome, thanks… (slaps forehead, didn’t look up!)

I ordered my FEZ Mini from ToysDownunder, but they don’t stock the SD Card board.
Is there any way I can get one sent without costing an absolute fortune?

that’s great, both of those are new (I can’t remember the last time I checked there).

It’d be great to see Fez Cobra on their list once they are released - either way I’ll be buying one but the freight, oh the freight :frowning: Heffo, if timing works out maybe we can work something out - i’m in Sydney.

Yeah why not? You guys can split shipping costs.
My reseller charges 15 dollar for handling costs, so that’s not cheap either. That’s why I buy a lot at once.

Why not ask your local reseller to get you the SD board?

We get very good discounts from FedEx but I guess it is still more than expected. We may add USPS in future but the problem is USPS is not insured and no tracking number!

I ship internationally all the time with USPS Priority (First Class cannot be tracked, but you can get delivery confirmation). Priority Mail does have a tracking number and can be insured through USPS (kind of expensive as it starts at about $2.80 + 1%) or some third party insurers.The tracking system does NOT work as well as FedEx or UPS though; sometimes you will not see an update on line until it arrives! The Flat Rate boxes can be an awesome deal as well. YMMV.

USPS do not have offices around the world so when a package reach country X then USPS no longer has control over the package. Some countries have better mailing system than others and so their mail system still work with USPS but not all countries have that.

Maybe it is an idea to start a usergroup Australia and order your boards collectively. I recall a group here in the Netherlands who did just that to minimize shipping costs for the US [sparkfun]

just my 2 cents

Rob, what is the name of this group in the Netherlands?