Interfacing i2c with repeated start ( IR Temp sensor MLX90614.)

anyone know if it’s possible to Interface i2c with a repeated start for the ( IR Temp sensor MLX90614.)

there is a dll available for the netduino here - but it just throws an exception on the cobra…



Please see I2C tutorial on

Hi Gus,

I have read that, but it didn’t seem to mention what I understand is the unusual repeated start type - I’m new to this so please tell me if i’ve missed something!


When you build a multi transaction then repeated start is automatically generated in between.

Ah great - well I shall give it a go! From the schematic your board already has pull up resistors for the I2C, so I should be able to connect the lines directly… I shall give it a go


I’m using the following code,
I’ve set the device address (5a) and clock (50) where do I choose what address I want to read?
I need T_Obj1 from RAM address 0x07
and T_Ambient from RAM address 0x06

Thanks - sorry for being dense on this one! The rest of the project is going great!


        I2CDevice.Configuration con =
           new I2CDevice.Configuration(0x5a, 50);  
        I2CDevice MyI2C = new I2CDevice(con);
        // Create transactions
        // We need 2 in this example, we are reading from the device
        // First transaxrtion is writing teh "read command"
        // Second transaction is reading the data
        I2CDevice.I2CTransaction[] xActions =
           new I2CDevice.I2CTransaction[2];
        // create write buffer (we need one byte)
        byte[] RegisterNum = new byte[1] { 2 };
        xActions[0] = I2CDevice.CreateWriteTransaction(RegisterNum);
        // create read buffer to read the register
        byte[] RegisterValue = new byte[1];
        xActions[1] = I2CDevice.CreateReadTransaction(RegisterValue);
        // Now we access the I2C bus using a timeout of one second 
        // if the execute command returns zero, the transaction failed (this 
        // is a good check to make sure that you are communicating with the device correctly
        // and dont have a wiring issue or other problem with the I2C device)
        if (MyI2C.Execute(xActions, 1000) == 0)
            Debug.Print("Failed to perform I2C transaction");
            Debug.Print("Register value: " + RegisterValue[0].ToString());

Hi Jamez, Did you resolve this issue? Did you get the Sensor to function using the FEZ or have you opted to using the Arduino module?

I would like to use the IR module on a FEZ project too and am finding it somewhat complex atm.

let me know…