Interesting offer from Parallax

Would like to know what you quad builder guys think about this. Price to spec value, expandability, etc…

Looks very decent. I wonder what camera did they use in the video.

Dude…those must be some pretty potent motors. You could fit a lot of sensors and camera gear in 2 lbs.

Looks like a good selection of parts. The markup isn’t outrageous. Frame looks good although at that price I’d expect a little more carbon fibre. I’ve spent almost that amount on my quad with hand selected parts and home built frame. This would be a decent kit to start with if you already have a radio.

Unfortunately, they suggest a 6-channel radio, and my old Futuba that I just recently unearthed from storage (working after more than 20 years in storage…go figure) is only 4 channel. :frowning:

So I guess no super-expensive quadcopter for devhammer!

You could probably fly it just fine on 4-channels but if you wanted cameras, bombs, etc. then you might need a few more :wink:

@ Ian

Don’t encourage me…I’ve spent enough on toys this month without dreaming of a quadcopter.

Besides, if I was going to do cameras, toy bombs, etc., those’d be controlled by the on-board mcu, not the RC. :slight_smile:

How would you activate them? Unless you’re going to program in GPS instructions you have to get a signal to the copter some way.

Details, details…why let a little thing like details get in the way of a good fantasy?

Not like I’m going to be spending $600 on a quadcopter any time soon, anyway. :slight_smile: