Interesting Kickstarter but sadly unsuccessful

I was browsing old projects and found this on Kickstarter.

It has 400 Mhz processor and other specs are decent too.

We were one of the backers but yes sadly it didn’t happen.


ARM926 doesn’t make a good microcontroller, it’s more of a microprocessor. Atmel calls theirs an “MPU”. It doesn’t have all the peripherals you’d expect out of a microcontroller board.

Really all it had going for it is 400 MHz, and if all you want is a really fast processor (including MMU), then you’re much better off with, say, a RasPi. You could get almost 3 RasPi for the price they wanted to get this down to (eventually). Mono apparently runs on the RasPi.

There is a project to use RPi as a barebone kit, maybe we could implement .NETMF open source on it and you’l get .NETMF device with 256 MB of RAM and 700 MHz CPU… Of course .NETMF could run as a linux program also.

@ Pablo - we had a similar discussion before: why bother with NETMF when that hardware can run Win CE with .NET Compact Framework on it? At least one is thinking the same: Windows CE [obsolete] - Raspberry Pi Forums

@ WouterH - because the assumption is that bigger is better but those in the know realise that double overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder are better than cubic inches :wink:

HA. I think positive displacement roots superchargers are better - for low end torque of course, otherwise, strap a turbo on anything and you’re in business.

@ stevepresley - so what have you got there? Looks like it might go perty fast.

I have a feeling you’re still running MS-DOS 6 on your I7 :slight_smile:

Boys and their toys…

Kenne Bell 2.6L supercharger being installed (3 years ago) on my 2000 Vette

After the blower, it puts down 426 rear wheel hp @ 5500rpm / 458 lb/ft torque at 2100 rpm. Definitely a seat of the pants machine :wink:

I had a turbo charged Firebird before I bought the Vette (doesn’t have specs on the Vette after the blower)

yeah, and by toys you mean “money pits”

@ stevepresley - yup that’s why I used to ride crotch rockets. :slight_smile: