Interesting form factor and peripherals for an Arduino - where do we make a netmf one :)

Interesting, I think. Good way to get people exposed to stuff, plus a nice handheld game feel.

That’s similiar to what Skewworks was working on at one time but the funding dropped out.

Did you check out the TinkerKit? LOL. You think I could get all these old eBlocks to work with it? :wink:

Wouldn’t have swayed me from choosing Gadgeteer. Mind you Cindy Crawford wearing an an Arduino bikini wouldn’t have swayed me either (already married to a super model), as Gadgeteer has just been better at letting me learn faster, build quicker and code better then Arduino would have.

Crawford, doubtful… but if it were Christie Brinkley, that’s a whole different set of decision gates!

Kate Upton?

Christina Hendricks?

There’s always good reason to go back and watch Firefly…