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Interesting alternative for STI chips


Don’t know the price, but looks interesting.


Would an existing F4 NETMF port just work on these? Or would it have to ported all over again, due to different I/O, memory, etc supported?

I would imagine you’d need to port it again.


I am sure it will need its own port.


Ram is too small…


@ Justin - There are more coming


Not surprising…

Moore’s Law keeps marching on…

But engineers still don’t know why bicycles go straight :smiley:



I just ported to FM4 chip.

Please check CodePlex NETMF for FM3?



thanks for sharing!


@ Kentaro - That was quick! Great job! :clap:


What’s the lowdown on FM4 vs STM32F4? Advantages/disadvantages?



I am not familiar with STM32.


  • Can operate from 3 V or 5 V power supplies
  • DSTC (Descriptor System data Transfer Controller)
    Descriptor based memory to memory transfer like DMA


  • No model which has ethernet controller now
  • SPI 20MHz vs 45MHz (STM32F4)

Both have SDRAM interface and fast 12bit AD/DA. These are attractive for me.




I updated NETMF for FM3/FM4 to fix several issues and added NETMF interop library for Adafruit 16x32 RGB LED Matrix. (pdf)

NETMF controls Adafruit RGB LED Matrix



@ Kentaro - Awesome work!