Intel NUC pc

I’m at an intel event I’m Dublin. Just had a look at the NUC motherboards. They are tiny!!!
Here is a pic of the i5 version due out in a couple of weeks.


Almost bought one for a project recently, but we needed beefier specs than what is currently being sold. Glad to know somethin’ with a little more mustard is on its way.

Interesting for sure. I would almost consider one as a home theater PC… I read some mixed reviews on the i3 version, so I wonder what other improvements there were aside from the processor?

Waw, finally they are coming out … I red about this micropc lot of time ago …
Very interesting.
How they are powered ? single supply or classic pc psu ?

They have plans for even more powerful ones too. Gfx chipset is basically the HD 4000. With an mSATA SSD they claim 520 MBps read speed. 2 x display port connectors too.

@ dobova 19v dc input (power brick is not included) its a strange voltage to have as an input in my opinion.

19 or 19.5 is common for laptop adaptors :wink:

@ David@ Emrol - haha good point, I was thinking from a 12v supply perspective.

@ David@ Emrol -
Right! This means single power supply… so they can be used in many application …