Intel IDF keynote == Mostly on-die wireless communications

A good bit over my head, I’m sure that others will fully grasp it.

It’s a live blog, so it reads from the bottom to the top.

Another article on it:

[quote]Theyve been able to digitize little blocks of radio components in the past — things like amplifiers and synthesizers — but now theyve managed to put a digital 2.4 GHz WiFi radio on a chip, right next to one of their low-power Atom central processing units (CPUs).

Building analog WiFi chips is a bit of an art. Radio Frequency (RF) chip designers build complex, customized circuits that operate on a continuum of voltages. The problem is that its often tough to shrink these analog designs down to the tiny scale thats possible with todays cutting-edge chipmaking processes.[/quote]

The future looks bright :slight_smile: