Installing Raptor Bootloader


Getting ready to work with a Raptor I have had for awhile. I am using Windows 10 and VS 2015 Community.

Found two issues so far:

On this page
A reference is made to
2016 R1 SDK – I assumed this was a typo and should have been 2015

on this page
a link to
G400 User Manual
is a dead end.

Actually not a typo. We updated the page in preparation for the new sdk but we had to hold the sdk for another fix.

We will correct that page back until the new sdk is actually out.

Thanks Gus,

I accessed the G400 manual by using the “save link as” option.

So is this version of the bootloader actually compatible with 2015 R1, I can no longer find the link to the beta version that was?!

@ networkfusion - has been updated with a link to the test loader for 2015 R1 until the next SDK is out.