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Hello out there,

I installed a new acer aspire 5750 labtop,
I installed c# visual studio2010.
after that i installed the latest SDK version.
Developing windows application is OK.
When i want to work with .netmf the are now
GHI project templates however.
i reinstalled the SDK 2 times still no result.
Does anyone recognise this problem?


Jos van Hertrooij
The Netherlands


Hi Jos,

Did you install in the exact order as described in
Did you perform a firmware update on your board?

What is your exact problem?

Cu, Wim.


Hello Wim,

I followed the instructions and the firmware in the board is the latest version.
my problem is that there arent any project templates when i start a new
project .
Also if i take a project hat ran on the old laptop is will not run on the new laptop because the assemblies cant be found.
also the usual GHI references are not available.




Uninstall all and reinstall maybe?


Or Visual Studio Express and another (Professional and/or Ultimate) on the same machine?
Couldn’t get that to work either.

Cu, Wim.


You only speak about one SDK, following the support page there is the .Netmf SDK and the GHI SDK. Have you installed both in that order?