Installation issues and Ethernet shield

Thanks guys. That’s what I had expected I knew it wouldn’t work as soldered. Earlier posts in this thread seemed to imply that it would work with the Sparkfun board without modification. That’s fine with me since one of the boards that I put together has the WORST soldering job I’ve ever done on the ICSP pins. I’m going to be happy to desolder it and wire it up another way just for FEZ.

I didn’t see the other thread when I searched for ethernet shield. My goal is to add as much as I can to the forums as I uncover stumbling blocks. I’m coming from Arduino and I’m trying to document as much as possible for others that as coming from the same platform. While the FEZ Domino and Panda are mostly “compatible” with Arduino form factor and function, there are slight differences that may cause less experienced folks with many headaches.

I am simply amazed at how quickly you respond Gus… Are you dedicated to support?

We defiantly love contributions here and we help you to do that whenever we can :slight_smile:

I have been told I am an automated bot that sits here and respond to questions! Actually, there are plenty of support guys but I love being here so I usually get to the questions before anyone else does.

So do I! I came from Arduino platform too! :wink:

And if you would like to help out by write up this one.
Please feel free to do so. I haven’t start anything yet.

In case, if you want to do so,
here is the link to the tutorial of how to create WiKi Page: